Gefran UK Ltd announce new Quix GV open loop AC variable speed drive with full torque delivery at standstill.

Patented control strategy for sensorless AC variable speed drive provides full torque at zero Hz.

Unique infrared programming feature simplifies commissioning and monitoring
Telford UK – January 2007: Gefran UK Ltd, the Telford based automation specialists has launched a new range of high performance sensorless AC variable speed drives in two package sizes covering 0.37 kW to 2.2 kW that deliver full torque at standstill. After performing a static auto-tune routine with simple motor name-plate data for rated motor voltage, current and frequency, the Quix GV employs its patented 3GV open loop motor control technology to deliver 100% torque at 0.0 Hz. Furthermore, the vector control algorithm optimises dynamic response, energy saving and maximal torque delivery in real time, continually tracking motor inductance, resistance, current and power factor levels under dynamic application conditions.

With just 14 basic parameters required for fast set-up, the Quix GV drive may be programmed via its integral keypad, by RS485 serial port or wirelessly from a Windows® CE equipped PDA with Gefran’s Quixstore PDA software which is available free of charge from Gefran’s website - . This unique feature allows parameter sets to be stored as Pocket PC files and simply edited using the integrated graphical interface. With the ability to use full and meaningful parameter descriptions, programming is simplified and the infra-red data transfer method is fast and accurate, saving time and improving quality in the machine build process. The Quix GV’s infrared programming feature functions through transparent screen materials and is ideally suited to machine commissioning through enclosure windows. This programming method facilitates multi-language operation and off-line parameter editing and there is also a monitor mode to provide real-time motor feedback information in addition to manual control for start-stop, speed etc. The Quixstore CE PDA is also available as a complete portable programming solution for the range.

The Quix GV range uses up-to-the-minute production techniques and the latest component technologies to provide some of the highest power output to size ratios available for AC motor drives today. In particular the Size 1, 1.5 kW model (shown in the accompanying image), measuring just 155 mm x 80 mm x 130 mm (h x w x d), has the smallest enclosure size in its class. Two modular and attractive model sizes cover continuous power ratings from 0.37 kW to 2.2 kW with single phase supplies between 220-240 V with a supply frequency from 48 Hz to 62 Hz. A generous overload protection of 150% for 60 sec (175 % for 2 sec) combined with I x t protection above 100% current and many other safety features make the Quix GV well-matched for the most demanding applications in processing and automation.

With smooth operation from zero up to 2 kHz output frequency, torque control is ultra-fast and suited to all types of variable speed drive requirements ranging from high starting torque for heavy industrial machinery, pulse loading for rapid and irregular speed change cycles to smooth torque delivery requirements for critical speed based applications.

With both RS485 and irDA interfaces, the Quix GV can provide low-bandwidth Master-Slave and Drive to Drive communication using the proprietary Quixbus Plus protocol where a Quixstore CE or customer supplied PDA can be used for individual drive commissioning, even where the drives are connected through an RS485 network. For high-bandwidth networks to intelligent controllers, up to 63 Quix drives may be connected via Modbus RTU on RS485 using an optional controller module, the Quixport Plus or from a Windows PC running the Quixstore plus software. For Profibus™, DeviceNet™ and Lonworks™ fieldbus communication networks a gateway is available allowing multiple Quix drives to be addressed, controlled and monitored.

The Quix GV is also available with an IP55/NEMA 12 rated enclosure for use in food and beverage processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, water treatment, HVAC and other harsh environments. With all the advanced features of the standard range, the Quix IP55 can be supplied with switched or non-switched enclosures. __________________________________________________

For more information, please contact :-

Gefran SIEI UK Limited
7 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford TF2 9TX
Tel: +44(0) 8452 604555
Fax: 08452 604556

January 2007

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