Gefran’s new XVy–Evolution servodrive range is available for high power and high performance motion control.

New range of brushless servo drives includes IEC61131-3 PLC programming environment.

Dedicated software simplifies flying shear applications and on-the-fly synchronisation.

Telford UK – March 2007: Gefran has launched its new ArtDrive-S XVy-Evolution series high performance DSP based servodrives for precision motion control applications. With a choice of application software including an IEC61131-3 compatible development environment and a wealth of advanced features such as deterministic Ethernet networking, dedicated application software and absoluter encoder management, the comprehensive XVy-Evolution series covers power ratings from 1.5 kW to 315 kW and is available with a range of matched brushless servo motors.

Each XVy-Evolution servodrive is equipped with 2 differential analogue inputs (11 bits + sign), 2 analogue outputs (11 bits + sign), 7 programmable digital inputs, 6 programmable digital outputs and digital relay output (1A 250V). An RS485 serial port with Modbus RTU protocol handles set-up and diagnostics. The complete series covers twenty eight CE, UL and cUL approved models with global 3 phase voltage ratings from 230V (+/- 15%) to 480 V (+/- 10%) at 50/60 Hz and current ratings from 6A to 800A peak. Models up to 15 kW include integrated braking resistors and an optional integrated braking unit is available up to 55 kW. A built-in programming keypad and alphanumeric display is available for manual parameter set up and simple jog functions.

Using Gefran’s E@syDrives PC configuration software, users can set-up and run the XVy-Evolution servodrive as well as handle axis optimisation and diagnostics for torque/speed and position control, electronic line shaft functionality and synchronisation for its complement of digital and analogue I/O. An internal 3.125 Mbit/sec “Fast Link” bus is provided via twin serial ports to allow daisy chaining of up to 16 drives for multi-axis motion and I/O synchronisation.

For high level multi-axis motion and machine control applications, the XVy-Evolution can be used to run complete automation systems with Gefran’s MDPlc development tool and its built-in PLC based on the IEC61131-3 standard. Requiring no additional hardware, Gefran’s MDPlc development environment tool allows users to create and compile assembly language application code for motion and I/O in a choice of PLC programming formats covering Instruction List, Structured Text, Ladder and Function Block Diagrams, and Sequential Flow Chart.

The MDPlc development tool will also enable optional application-specific software designed to simplify complex motion and machine control functions such as transversal and synchronised flying shear profiles. This menu driven software covers simplified dimensioning, setting up and running of complex position-synchronised “on the fly” machining profiles typically required for metal or plastic tube and sheet cutting.

The Gefran XVy-Evolution servodrive includes a wide choice of sophisticated features as standard and advanced options for both brushless servomotor and asynchronous motor control. These include self-tuning current regulation, linear motor control, a choice of drive overload protection algorithms, configurable encoder/resolver set-up, and auxiliary encoder support. Interface cards and fieldbus management is available for Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNET, TCP/IP Ethernet and the internal Fast Link. The range also supports Gefran’s new GDNet deterministic Ethernet fieldbus protocol - for high speed mulit-axis and I/O synchronisation for advanced manufacturing and processing applications. A wide choice of expansion board options is also available for encoder/resolver feedback, SSI/EnDat and Hyperface absolute encoders, and additional analogue and digital I/O.

Gefran’s SBM range low inertia brushless motors perfectly compliment the XVy-Evolution servodrive series. Available in six frame sizes with continuous stall torque ratings from 2 Nm to 442 Nm and with speeds up to 4000 rpm, the range provides dynamic acceleration and deceleration performance for high precision / high throughput motion control. SBM motors include thermal protection to 130 ºC and integrated two pole resolvers with options including digital encoder + hall sensors, SinCos encoder, and SSI or EN-DAT protocol absolute encoders. IP65 protection, custom windings, holding brakes, alternative flange and shaft configurations and many more options ensure maximum flexibility to meet the customer’s application requirements.

Gefran’s ArtDrive range also includes Torque Vector and Flux Vector drives with power ratings from 0.75 kW to 1.2 MW, all sharing a common software platform.

For more information, please contact :-

Gefran SIEI UK Limited
7 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford TF2 9TX
Tel: +44(0) 8452 604555
Fax: 08452 604556

March 2007

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