Gefran’s new GILOGIK PLC control includes Ethernet for high speed automation

New high performance modular PLC system for small to medium distributed control automation applications.

Modbus over TCP/IP option available for high speed automation applications
Telford UK – July 2007: Gefran announce the new GILOGIK II high performance, IEC 61131-3 programmed, distributed I/0 PLC system. Making full use of its TCP/IP Ethernet based network for plant and machine control, the modular system is aimed at small to medium sized automation applications.

At the heart of GILOGIK II, a 32-bit main board CPU module uses a powerful 200 MHz ARM processor with a refresh rate of 100 µsec. IEC 61131-3 programming is standard with a choice of ladder diagram, instruction list, function block diagram and structured text and Sequential Flow Chart languages. Up to 32 Mb memory is available with memory expansion via an optional USB port. Programming is facilitated with Ethernet TCP/IP or Modbus TCP master/slave using an integral RJ45 port or with Modbus RTu master/slave using an RJ10 serial port.

The scalable GILOGIK II system includes software configured expansion modules with extractable spring mount connectors and a backplane system with a high-speed data transfer (80 Mbps) parallel bus in 4,8,12 and 18 module versions for maximum application flexibility.

A range of dedicated analog I/O modules include sophisticated temperature control and general I/O in various convenient formats. Digital I/O modules for encoders, counters and general I/O are covered. Modules with Ethernet switches allow a consistent uniform performance for up to 16 nodes with 256 I/O per node. Gateways for Ethernet and Modbus over Ethernet and a range of common fieldbus interfaces including Profibus DP/V1 Slave and CANopen are also available.

For high performance, time critical applications a dedicated interface module for GDnet (Gefran Deterministic Network) is available. Developed to allow synchronous I/O management of high-performance machinery for plastic extrusion or other demanding processes, this field bus uses a deterministic protocol based on Ethernet 10baseT. In a typical application comprising four slaves, GDnet allowed 6000 I/O points to be scanned in under 200 µs. As the system is fundamentally independent of hardware and uses management functions and control algorithms to achieve system synchronisation it does not suffer from the jitter problems associated with hardware based PLC systems and maintains a certainty of I/O refresh rate with local and remote I/O sharing the same high execution speed.

Automation systems built around the GILOGIK II can include industrial PC controlled architectures with Gefran’s own GF-BOX module and DIGIPANEL HMI which can include GDnet, CANopen, DeviceNet interfaces. For a completely integrated PC with HMI, Gefran’s DIGISTAR II is able to host the GILOGIK II PLC in addition to Geflex field bus equipped processing components and Gefran SIEI servo and industrial drives over Profibus, Canopen, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU.

Setting up the GILOGIK II PLC is made easy with Gefran’s Grafinet configuration software, allowing the user to access each I/O point via a graphical interface and including HMI development platform tools using JavaTM technology.

For more information, please contact :-

Gefran SIEI UK Limited
7 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford TF2 9TX
Tel: +44(0) 8452 604555
Fax: 08452 604556

July 2007

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