Gefran announce new application guide and sizing tool for
flying shear and feed-to-length cutting systems.

. Useful resource will be of interest to web processing machine
designers and integrators
. Application guide will help to optimise productivity, increase
throughput rates and improve consistent product quality

Telford UK - November 2007: Gefran UK Limited have released a new motion
control application guide for flying shear and feed-to-length cutting
systems based on its SIEIDrives XVy-EV family of high performance servo

The guide includes data sheets and detailed instruction manuals that
describe all the controls and parameters available for users to configure
their own dynamic web processing applications. As the comprehensive XVy-EV
series covers power ratings from 1.5 kW to over 315 kW with high-bandwidth
position and current control, typical feed-to-length and fying shear
applications that can be addressed cover line speeds to more than 60 m/min,
and cutting thicknesses in excess of 15 mm in steel. The principles covered
within the guide may also be applied to other start-stop or on-the-fly web
operations including punch and press, welding and forming.

Both feed-to-length and flying shear cutting system guides include a
detailed description of all applicable XVy-EV commands, parameters and
alarms along with comprehensive information on wiring, fieldbus and PLC
interfacing, and system commissioning.

A further instruction manual covering Gefran's flying shear sizing tool
describes how the PC based software may be used to calculate servo motor
performance data from known mechanical and shear profile information.
Information used within the software may be directly transferred to the
actual drive used in the application. The graphical software provides shear
performance and cam profile tables with simulation screens, graphs and
possible errors; allowing users to exactly match motor and drive selection
to the application, optimising productivity, throughput rates and quality.

Also included with the application pack is a CD containing PDF files of
manuals and data sheets along with videos showing an impressive selection of
feed-to-length and flying shear applications which use Gefran servo drives
and motors.

The new application guide will be a useful resource for designers and
integrators involved in all aspects of continuous processing machinery in
metal processing, plastics, paper or other material converting industries.

For more information, please contact :-

Gefran SIEI UK Limited
7 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford TF2 9TX
Tel: +44(0) 8452 604555
Fax: 08452 604556

November 2007

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