Gefran SieiDrive TPD32 Digital DC Drives provide a modular solution for high
performance industrial automation

.Range is designed to minimise user system requirements, with optional
functions and dedicated application packages available for complex
industrial automation
.Range covers 3 phase supply from 230 VAC to 690 VAC with current ratings
from 20 A to 3300 A
.Built in single phase field regulator ensures optimal control and

Telford UK - January 2008: Gefran's SieiDrive TPD32 Digital DC Drives
combine a wide range of power ratings and an integrated field regulator for
maximum flexibility with optimal control and efficiency. A comprehensive
selection of optional functions, fieldbus interfaces and application
packages are available to provide a competitive and modular high performance
solution for demanding industrial speed and position control applications.
Automation applications covered by the CE, UL and cUL approved range
includes conveyor drives, converting and extruding machinery, machine tools,
packaging machinery, wire drawing, punch presses and rolling mills.

The SieiDrive TPD32 range is available in thirty standard models in two and
four quadrant versions with 3-phase line voltage ratings of 230 VAC - 400
VAC, - 500 VAC and - 690 VAC. Self contained IP20 standard compact
enclosures are available for current ratings from 20 A to 1050 A and higher
power IP00 versions with an external bridge provide ratings from 1200 A to
3300 A. The integrated field regulator uses a single phase supply with
current rating to suit the DC drive and motor type. Optional filters are
available for full compliance with CEE - EN61800 - 3:2004 EMC directive.

A wide complement of built-in analog and digital I/O is available for
machine interfacing and protection includes a motor thermistor input and
relay outputs. Speed feedback options include tachogenerator and/or digital
or sinusoidal encoders. The range includes a long list of advanced features
to aid straightforward integration into the customers' application. These
include autotuning speed and current loops, independent programmable linear
and S-curve ramping, minimum and maximum speed regulation, programmable
multispeeds, current limit linked to speed, adaptive gains and many more.

Special functions available include "Speed draw" where a configurable speed
ratio in a multiple drive system can be applied to a main speed reference;
the "Auto capture" function enables the drive to engage smoothly to a
running motor for a flying restart and the "Droop" function is used to
precisely balance the current between two drives that are connected to two
mechanically coupled motors.

Options available include a separate and detachable programming keypad, I/O
expansion cards and a wide selection of fieldbus interfaces including
Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, and InterBus S. A range of programmable
application cards with predefined library functions provides a choice of
advanced application solutions including full electronic line shaft control,
wind/unwind control with torque in open or closed loop for load cell input,
and a single axis positioning module with up to 64 preset position registers
with absolute encoder support via an optional interface.

Gefrans EasyDrive PC configuration software allows the user to set-up,
diagnose and program the SieiDrive TPD32 Digital DC Drive in a graphical
environment with advanced time saving features that include parameter
setting via tree structured menus, wizard guided programming, graphical
variables display with trend recorder and oscilloscope function, and
multi-drop network management for up to 32 drives.

For more information, please contact :-

Gefran SIEI UK Limited
7 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford TF2 9TX
Tel: +44(0) 8452 604555
Fax: 08452 604556

January 2008

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