Gems Sensors - PRODUCT NEWS

High performance Pressure Transmitters.

The newly introduced 2800 Series pressure transmitter has
been developed by Gems Sensors to provide higher levels
of performance over an increased temperature range.

Featuring proven CYD sensing technology with ASIC and modular
packaging, the sensor offers good stability and enhanced accuracy
in a variety of enclosure options for demanding submersible and
industrial applications.

The new model offers a 1 % Error Band over -30º to 100ºC, is suitable
for pressure ranges from 0.5 to 400 bar and is designed for more than
100 million FS cycles - for a long service life. Its modular construction
allows customised options to be easily accommodated, while a choice
of outputs is also available. In addition to a compensated temperature
range of -30º to +100ºC (-20º to +212º F), the 2800 series offers the
benefit of long term drift of just 0.2% per year. As with all CVD models
within the Gems Sensors range, the model provides good resistance
to shock and vibration.

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June 2001
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