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Versatile Liquid Level Switches.

Introduced by Gems Sensors, ELS-300 Series Liquid level
switches are designed to offer users enhanced levels of

These single point, electro-optic switches are available in lengths of
380mm, specified in 3mm increments. This allows engineers to provide
intermediate liquid level monitoring from a sensor mounted in either the
top or bottom of the storage vessel - whereas most conventional
electro-optic switches must be installed through the side of a tank.

The ELS-300 switches are compact, economically priced and feature
build-in solid state electronics. They are also extremely reliable since
they have no moving parts and offer simple one-piece installation.

Typical applications include:
 Medical laboratory
 Food and Beverage Systems
 Leak Detection
 Hydraulic reservoirs
 Machine Tools

ELS-300 switches feature a simple yet, reliable operating principle.
The Electro-optical sensor contains an infrared LED and a light receiver.
Light from the LED is directed into a prism, which forms the tip of the
sensor. With no liquid present, light from the LED is reflected within
the prism to the receiver. When rising liquid immerses the prism, the
light is refracted out in to the liquid, leaving little or no light to reach the
receiver. Sensing this change, the receiver actuates electronic switching
within the unit to operate an external alarm or control circuit.

ELS-300 switches perform with repeatability ± 1mm, and operate on
5 VDC or 10-28 VDC with current consumption of 25rnA. They also
offer an operating temperature range from -20 to 100 Deg C, while
operating pressures are to 10 Bar G. Output is TTL/CMOS compatible,
which may sink 4OmA at up to 30 VDC.

Two forms of electrical termination are available; 0.3M of 22 AWG, PVC
jacketed lead wires, or PVC jacketed cable. All wetted parts are made
of Polysulfone and offer broad liquid compatibility.

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October 2001
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