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Gems Sensors in the Water Industry.

Water authorities are keen to work in partnership with
companies, in order to build tailorecr solutions.
Gems Sensors has responded to the water industry's
needs, with the introduction of triple sealing across its
pressure transducer range
Gems Sensors' ability to work in partnership with water authorities
has resulted in the introduction of triple sealing. This special design
will be available on all pressure transducers in the Gems Sensors
range, whether they are based on thin film or C\TD construction.

The 2400 pressure transducer, for example, is designed for use in
bore holes and boasts an innovative transducer design. The new
2400 slim line transducer measures just 19mm in diameter and
features triple sealing to prevent water ingress and condensation.
It is designed to offer high levels of protection for long-term reliability.
The cable is water blocked and a hermetic header has been
incorporated, so only the vent tube penetrates the sensor chamber.
In addition, the electronics are conformally coated to protect against
possible damage, in the unlikely event of water ingress.

Also available for demanding submersible applications is the 2800,
which offers good stability and enhanced accuracy. Featuring proven
CVD sensing technology, with ASIC and modular packaging, the
sensor offers a 1% Error Band over -30° to 100°C. It is suitable for
pressure ranges from 0.5 to 400 bar and is designed for more than
100 million FS cycles - for a long service life. The 2800 series offers
the added benefit of long term drift of just 0.2% per year.

According to Gems, a long service life and long term stability mean
the 2800, and other transducers in the range, are suited to remote
level measurement applications where recalibration is undesirable.

Typical applications include level measurement for reservoirs and
bore holes, pressure measurement for suction pressure and leak 
detection in pipelines.

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December 2001
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