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Gems Sensors new low cost Level measurement.

Gems Sensors has dramatically cut the cost of level
switches, through increased production efficiencies
and the use of cost-effective components.

The result is Gems Sensors' LS-2 polypropylene liquid level switch
designed specifically for high volume, low cost applications. Suitable
for use with water anti chemicals, the unit's compact size makes it
ideal for shallow tanks or restricted spaces.

Based on the popular design of Gems Sensors' tried-and-tested
LS-3, this small single point level switch uses a 25mm diameter float.
The magnetic level switch is available with either 1/8 NPT or
M12 x 1.75 mountings and has an operating temperature of
-40 degrees C to +99 degrees C. The maximum pressure is 10.3 bar.
Combining high duality with economy, the level switch is designed
for use in high end consumer products and low cost OEM industrial
equipments, such as appliances and photo developing equipment.
As it is constructed in potable water grade materials, it is also
suitable for use in pure water systems.

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April 2002
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