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Slim line pressure transducer offers triple sealing
for long life in immersible applications.

Designed for use in water industry applications, such as
level measurement in bore holes, Gems Sensors' new
2400 slim line pressure transducer boasts a breakthrough
in transducer design.

The 2400 transducer measures just 19mm in diameter and features
triple sealing to prevent water ingress and condensation - thereby
providing the highest levels of protection for long-term reliability.
The cable is water blocked including the wire strands and a custom
designed hermetic header has been incorporated, so only the vent
tube penetrates the sensor chamber. Consequently, water cannot
enter the transducer - even if the cable sheath is damaged during use. 

The large bore vent tube is connected directly to the back of the sensor,
which provides rapid venting - even on the longest cable run. The sensor
itself is also impervious to the effects of water, guaranteeing long service
life even in areas of high humidity. 

In addition, the electronics are conformally coated to protect against
possible damage, in the unlikely event of water ingress. The electronics
are also designed to provide fast switch on and settling - ensuring
maximum battery life and ease of calibration. These factors, combined
with a long fatigue life of more than 100 million FS cycles, are a major
benefit when the transducer is used in remote locations. 

The 2400 is supplied in pressure ranges of 0-4 to 0-200mwg (mA & V),
0 to 10. 20. 50. 100. 200mwg (mV). The sensor offers good stability,
long term drift of just 0.2% per year and accuracy of 0.2% - as well as
good resistance to shock and vibration.

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April 2002
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