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Compact MiniMap offers high performance & stability.

Gems Sensors has announced the introduction of the MiniMap
compact pressure transmitter, which is specially designed for
installation where space is at a premium.

From 25mm long, the transmitter features a sputtered thin film sensor
to provide consistent high levels of performance and stability for large
volume users. As Gems Sensor's thin film sensor is atomically bonded
onto metal substrate, the transmitter virtually eliminates drift - whilst
offering enhanced sensitivity.

The MiniMap offers a proof pressure of 3 x FS, and enables sensors
to survive the most severe pressure spikes. In fact, the units are
subjected to rigorous hardness, leak, pressure, thermal cycling and
aging tests to ensure the transmitters will resist both pressure shocks
and mechanical vibration.

The MiniMap is supplied in range from 16 to 2200 bar but with the
onboard ASIC can be set to any intermediate range or Engineering
unit and has a very long fatigue life - offering more than 100,000,000
cycles. Long term drift is just 0.1% FS/year, while accuracy is 0.25% FS.
The unit also has a thermal error margin of around 2% FS, with a
compensated temperature range of -20 to 100 degrees C.

A wide choice of electrical outputs, as well as both electrical and
pressure connections, means the unit is suitable for most
applications without modification.

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May 2002
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