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Robust transmitter detects minute pressure changes.

The new 5000 series low range transmitter, from
Gems Sensors, features a sturdy ceramic diaphragm
that is able to detect minute pressure variations while
withstanding large pressure spikes.

The tough ceramic sensor is housed in a stainless steel case to
ensure performance in the most demanding applications.

Gems Sensors uses sophisticated manufacturing techniques to
produce a high performing, yet cost-effective pressure transmitter,
which offers excellent long-term stability, accuracy of 0.25% FS
per annum and a response time of just 5ms. The transmitter,
which is available in submersible and general-purpose models,
also covers pressure ranges from 25-420mbar with just 3 units
and offers easy calibration or on site adjustment, coupled with
a long service life exceeding 10 million cycles.

Suitable for high proof pressures of 30 psi (2 bar), the 5000 series
provides an output of 4-2OmA and a compensated temperature
range of -20 to 50 degrees C. The robust and reliable transmitter
also complies with CE approvals. Applications include tank level,
open channel flow, reservoir level, clean room pressure, flood
warning and river level.

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May 2002
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