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Small Level Sensor handles high pressures.

Claimed to be the smallest electro-optical switch
available with integral electronics, the ELS-900
level sensor, from Gems Sensors, measures only
35mm long but can operate accurately at pressures
up to 17bar and temperatures up to 125 Deg.C.

The prism-shaped tip of the sensor eliminates droplet formation
and false alarm trips, which means the sensor can be used
with a wide range of liquids.

The sensor's high pressure and temperature capabilities, along
with its small size, means it suits applications in the medical,
food, semiconductors, hydraulics, machine tools and engineering

The ELS-900's polyethersulphone housing has no metallic
components in contact with the liquid being measured. FDA
and NFS approved, polyethersulphone offers high temperature
resistance so can be used in applications such as low level
warning in the hot deionised water systems used to rinse
semiconductor wafers after etching, and high level warning
in distilled water stills.

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August 2004
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