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Slimline Sensor keeps watch over water resources.

Hydrometry, the measurement of every variable in the
water cycle, is important in the management of world
water resources, especially when we consider that
more than 25% of the world's population does not
have safe drinking water.

The acquisition of accurate hydrometric data is key to the efficient
management of water resources. The quantity and quality of
groundwater must be monitored as well as inputs and outputs
such as rainfall, evaporation and soil moisture, therefore reliable
readings are required to ensure the integrity of the data.

In response to these needs, Gems Sensors has introduced the
9500 series of pressure transducers. Designed to meet the
conditions and accuracy requirements of hydrometric applications,
the 9500 series can be used to replace mercury manometers,
which represent a health hazard, and shaft encoders that are
used for level measurement. According to Gems, the 9500
series is simple to install and calibrate, which can save around
1500 Euros per site in commissioning costs.

The remote nature of most applications means that battery
powered data loggers using SDI-12 protocols are commonly
used to collect data from up to 8 sensors. The 9500 series
microprocessor-based digital compensation techniques,
and media isolated sensor draw a low current, which
maximises battery life. This means it is suitable for use with
SDI-12 loggers. The sensors also provide a temperature
output to +/-0.5 Deg C.

In addition to the SDI-12 output, the 9500 is available with a
4-20mA analogue output. Both options offers rangeability
via a PC interface module, which negates the need for the
units to be calibrated against dead-weight testers.

The 9500 has a diameter of 20mm, a slim profile designed to
maximise usability in groundwater applications. The sensors
are  constructed from 316 stainless steel, polyurethane and
acetal, and are rated for operation from -25 to +70 Deg C.

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September 2004
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