Gems Sensors - PRODUCT NEWS

Packaged pressure sensors fit most
oem applications with minimum effort.

A new wide range of stainless steel packaged
pressure sensors from Gems Sensors is designed
to meet the requirements of almost any OEM

Available as ‘O’ Ring mount or with an integral process thread,
these capsule sensors are compatible with a broad range of

The base models are ideal for integration into a wide variety
of original equipment with minimum effort. They are supplied
as millivolt output, temperature compensated units with a
1% thermal error over 0 to 50°C and zero and span rationalisation. 

The micro machined piezoresistive sensors are mounted on
a header and welded into a 316 stainless steel package with
a stainless steel diaphragm. This provides a static error of
0.1% and overpressure to 3 x the rated pressure range.

Although designed for constant current excitation, constant
voltage driven units are available, as are other diaphragm
materials, package styles and amplified outputs. 

The multiplicity of options on offer means that the OEM user
can find the correct solution for almost any application.

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May 2005
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