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New Liquid Flow Sensor measures very low flow rates. The new FT-210 liquid flow sensor from Gems Sensors measures very low flow levels, down to as low as 100 ml /min, with typical accuracy ±3% of reading. Operating with liquids with viscosities of up to 15cSt, this means that the unit is ideal for many applications, including medical equipment. The FT-210 is based on the Hall effect, in which a transverse voltage is produced if a conductor with current passing through it meets a magnetic field. The unit features a bladed ferrite rotor which turns in the liquid flow. Each pass of a blade past the sensor generates a frequency pulse which is equivalent to a discrete volume of liquid, and directly proportional to the rotor angular velocity and hence the flow rate. The waves are easily transmitted to local or remote electrical instrumentation. This operating principle provides continuous output, allows bidirectional operation and means that the unit can be mounted in any orientation. The full range of the FT-210 is 0.1-2.5 l/min, at temperatures between -20 and +100ºC and pressures up to 25 bar. Bursting pressure is 200 bar. The body of the unit is constructed in Grilamid TR55, an amorphous thermoplastic which features high chemical and stress crack resistance combined with excellent transparency. The rotor is PA12 Ferrit running in PTFE/graphite bearings. All units are 100%tested before despatch, and the FT-210 is maintenance free once installed. Electrical connection is via a Mini DIN connector to EN60529, supplied as standard, and two end connections are available: G ¼”in or ¼” NPT. ___________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- For more information, click here... January 2006
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