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New very low differential pressure transducer. The new 266 series very low differential pressure transducer from Gems Sensors offers bidirectional differential pressure measurement from as low as 0 – 50 Pa up to 5 kPa full scale at an accuracy of ±1%. The sensor also has excellent long term stability, which reduces the need for service calls after installation. The 266 series is based on a durable variable capacitance sensor, which has significant advantages over strain gauge based sensors. A sensing diaphragm in the unit is deflected by the pressure, which in turn changes the dielectric gap and hence the capacitance of the sensor. Custom built ASIC signal conditioning within the unit then produces a high level output which needs little amplification, providing accuracy and long term stability. The unit has very tight zero tolerances, which improves accuracy of measurement in low flow applications, and minimises the need for zero setting in the field. This in turn means lower installation costs. The sensor is manufactured to high standards from stainless steel, which gives excellent thermal stability and superior overpressure protection: the unit will withstand pressures up to 69 kPa. The 266 also has low EMI/RFI susceptibility, allowing better control in areas subject to walkie-talkie or cell phone interference, and can be used with unregulated power supplies owing to its internal regulation. The transducer is very attractive for heating and ventilating systems, where it improves air flow control, particularly under low flow conditions. Its bidirectional capability is valuable in clean rooms and isolation rooms where containment is critical. The unit also has potential applications in energy management systems, environmental pollution control, oven pressurisation and furnace draft controls, and variable air volume and fan control. ___________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- For more information, click here... January 2006
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