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Enhanced versatility for high-stability pressure transmitters.

Recent developments to the 3100 series of thin film metal pressure
transmitters from Gems Sensors & Controls provide increased versatility
for customers.

The introduction of an integral cable model provides OEMs with a robust
and easy-to-connect solution which is cost effective across a wide range
of applications. The cable is connected under controlled conditions
during manufacture, eliminating any risk of signal loss or instability.
In addition, the cabled version has a high Ingress Protection rating.
Its rating of IP67 means that it is totally protected against dust, and
protected against liquid immersion to a depth of 1 metre, which allows
washing by water jet.

Ease of retrofitting the 3100 to replace other sensors in existing
installations is provided by the addition of a transmitter with a large
DIN 72585 Bayonet connector. Users can add or replace units easily
without any additional cabling or converters.

These new units share the benefits of very high stability and small
package size inherent in the 3100 series. The stainless steel sensor of
the 3100 is welded to a pressure port using a gas laser weld technique
that gives a high strength, fatigue-free joint. Durable construction and
mechanical integrity are ensured by manufacturing both components of
this simple two-piece construction from high-strength
precipitation-hardened stainless steel. Repeatable performance and
minimal drift are achieved by depositing the thin film gauges directly
on to the diaphragm surface using sputtering techniques. As a result,
long-term stability is believed to be 3-4 times better than transducers
that are based on alternative technologies.

To improve cyclic pressure reliability, the thin film gauges are
electrically isolated from the diaphragm surface by a layer of silicon
dioxide and the sensing element is bonded to the pcb by aluminium wire
with bond strength of not less than 150 grams. The units have a high
level of RFI protection and resistance to voltage spikes since they are
constructed with a single PCB which also incorporates filtering and
transient suppression components.

Recalibration, which can be required every 6-12 months on other sensor
types, taking up to 30 minutes per sensor, is eliminated by the minimal
long term drift of the series: 0.1% of full scale per year
non-cumulative. This saving in downtime and engineering resource can be
significant when related to the cost of the unit. The all-welded
construction also eliminates leakages which can occur on sensors which
use o-ring seals, and means that the sensor itself is very robust.

The 3100 is a very cost effective option for high temperature
applications, as operating temperatures can be as high as 135ºC, and
covers a very broad pressure range, from 10 up to as high as 2200 bar.

The new connection options are also available for the 3200 heavy duty
pressure transmitter. The 3200 is designed to withstand the rigours of
cavitation or extreme pressure spikes in applications such as mobile
hydraulics, featuring a thicker diaphragm, and a pressure snubber, a
small orifice which directs pressure away from the sensor surface.

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August 2007

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