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Gems introduces new side-mount level switches made from high temperature Versaplast™ engineered plastic

Gems® Sensors & Controls™ (Gems), a global leader in liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, miniature solenoid valves, and fluidic systems, introduces several new versions to their LS-7 Series of robust point level switches. These compact, side mount level switches are made from Gems Versaplast™ engineered plastic for high temperature applications up to 300°F (148.9°C).

The Gems Versaplast™ engineered plastic used on these new level switches is an extremely versatile material compatible with a wide range of challenging fluids such as oils and solvents. Versaplast™ enables the new LS-7 Series sensors to provide an affordable solution for handling high temperature applications and corrosive fluids. The durable Versaplast™ LS-7 level switches are CE, UL and CUL approved, are ideal for use within methylene chloride and anti-freeze tanks, and are well suited for low coolant, low hydraulic monitoring within off-highway vehicle and transportation applications.

These new Versaplast™ LS-7 Series versions expand the broad range of small, side mounted level switches from Gems Sensors available for a wide variety of fluids or applications. Additional specifications include pressure capability to 100 psi (6.8 bar), and a float arc of just 1.25 inches – beneficial in confined spaces. Options include internal and externally installed versions, and metric or U.S. threads. Free samples are available for qualified OEM’s on

“With the development of the enhanced Versaplast™ LS-7, Gems has continued to expand the broad offering of our side mounted point level product line,” says Kevin Castonguay, Product Marketing Manager for Gems Sensors and Controls. “The enhanced Versaplast™ material offers a robust and reliable solution unique to the market for a wide variety of OEM applications at a cost effective price”.

About Gems Sensors & Controls
Founded in 1955, Gems is a preferred supplier to thousands of OEM companies across a broad range of industries throughout the world due to its extensive application knowledge, innovative sensor and miniature solenoid valve designs, and customer centric approach to problem solving to meet customer-specific needs. Gems Sensors and Controls is a leading global manufacturer of: liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors; solid-state relays and barriers; liquid and pneumatic miniature solenoid valves; and pre-assembled fluidic systems with facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Gems Sensors & Controls is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, UL, and CE certified.
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Gems Sensors and Controls

December 2011

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