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Miniature Position Sensors for awkward spaces. Miniature PS5 Series position sensors with matching magnets from switching, sensing and control solutions specialists Gentech International are for applications requiring a robust sensor for use in limited or awkward spaces. Available in two fuse-style 'snap fit' versions, measuring either 31.75mm long or 2 5.4mm long by 6.16mm, the cylindrical package PS5 Series sensors feature reed switch reliability and are encapsulated in a 30% glass filled nylon housing, making them suitable for use in dirty, oily, greasy, wet and similarly harsh environments. The sensors have an operating temperature range of -30 to +130'C and a maximum contact rating of 500VDC, 250V AC, IA, 15W. _____________________________________________________ For more information, click here :- Gentech International Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1465 713581 January 2003
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