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Analogue Fuel Level Sensor/Sender. Gentech International have selected from their ESS Extended Liquid Level Analogue Sensor series, a matrix of 3 sensor lengths and 3 mounting options to meet the most popular tank depths and fittings. This sensor for use in Fuel applications does not require any calibration when switching from grades of diesel (e.g. green to red). This float device operates a series of reedswitches that have a ladder of resistors and results in a resistance output in the range of 10 and 180 ohms dependant on the liquid level. The Buna N float, is suitable for liquids with an SG of 0.4 and with the brass stem, will operate in temperatures up to 110 Deg.C. The range is available in three standard stem lengths that have proven to be the most popular, 200mm, 500mm and 1000mm. Also with a core product with a M16 header, the sensor can be mounted internally, it is possible to convert by adaptor the unit to fit a 2inch BSP thread or 5 way SAE flange for external mounting. The output will be 10 - 180 ohms via a two-wire circuit, and with a 12V to 48V applied voltage. The Brass and Buna N combination make the sensors ideally suitable for all Hydrocarbons. Gentech International have available and can offer tailored lengths - resistance outputs - low level alarms, other mounting fittings and connections, to suit specific tank depth and fitting requirements as well as suitable for a wide range of fluids. More details on website: _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :-

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March 2005
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