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Cap/Sensor solves the fluid in a bottle refill problems. Measuring the level contents in bottle or container is not easy, especially if you have to replenish or replace the bottle. Replacing level sensitive fluid containers in continuous use application is further complicated by the need to re-install/rewire the level sensor in the cap of the new bottle or tank. The bottle top opening is in many cases the only access to the container; therefore a sensor that utilises this opening in the vessel is necessary. We at Gentech have overcome this by integrating a level sensor and screw cap into a single reusable unit for fast and easy fitting. The sensor is ideal for coolant containers, industrial ink jet printers and similar reusable or static bottle applications. This customised unit is one of a series of sensors that use the existing bottle top thread and sealing washers and can be fitted a number of vertical mounted sensor from the Gentech range. All the user needs to do is unscrew the cap/sensor unit, replace the fluid in the container and refit the cap, which rotates around the sensor thus avoiding cable crimping. The is particular sensor is constructed in Polypropylene, other models are available on PVC and Nylon, we have added to the design a drain tube, should this be the way the contents of the chamber are dispensed. Units can be further customised to meet your requirements, to accommodate connectors, feed tubes or drain tubes. This is only part of the wide and varied range of Liquid Level Sensors available from Gentech International. More details on website: _____________________________________________________

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March 2005
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