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Easy fit - Brass Flow switch. Gentech "easy fit" flow switch is designed to reduce the time to fit and prepare the pipe work without compromising the pressure seal. Without the usual coupling and sealing components: compression fittings or a threaded connection, all that is required is a simple push-fit to insert the 22mm copper pipe. The FS13 and the FS14 version of the Gentech flow switch family has a brass housing and noryl internal components, the robust construction is ideal for a range of applications from domestic boiler heating systems to industrial circulating pumping systems or liquid dispensing applications. With the sensor connected and mounted vertically in the pipe work, the switch will operate with a liquid flowing at a rate of <1litre per minute and maximum working pressure rating of the flow switch is 10bar at 20 Deg C. The operating temperature range of -30 to +100 Deg C The FS13 in AC circuits, 250VRMS, and 3 amp switching capability for pump control or relay switching. For DC the FS14 will switch 300VDC, 1 amp with a maximum power handling of 15watts, for electronic circuits or interfaces. The repeatability and the low flow rate make this sensor ideal for boiler interlock circuits, circulating water and pump protection circuits. ______________________________________________

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July 2005
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