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Multiple point liquid level measurement. In a tank or chamber when it is necessary to be kept informed of the liquid level the measurement accuracy required will reflect the value of the medium (water vs. liquid gold), the value of the equipment or to protect the process involved. One solution is to have multiple points sensing, achieved by mounting a string of single sensors and at a given point, indication of the fluid level is recorded. The arrangement of these sensors can be either independently mounted at the side of the tank, or via a single stem within the chamber with top or bottom entry and having float switch stations at each stage. Gentech have developed a range of sensors within the EVS series, that are mounted typically at the top of the tank, with up to 4 switching points, with 2 or 4 floats on a single stem. With a combination of floats and switches over a length of up to 1 metre to give high and low level in a zone or 4 independent switch points as the most cost effective solution. In addition integral wiring of 2 wires per switch or a matrix of wiring and switching outputs, it is possible to achieve cost savings within the control circuit (and wiring harness). Also available is an option to incorporate a resistor networks for diagnostics routines or "open circuit" wiring integrity checks. The EVS Series is available constructed in the following materials Nylon 6.6, PVC, Stainless Steel, or Brass stem with Buna float. This range of materials offer chemical resistance to a large number of fluids, and applications have been satisfied including; water, deionised water, hydrocarbons, and water/glycol mixture. Mounting options available for internal or externally tank fitting, via BSP or NPT mounting bush or SAE flange. The electrical connections can be flying lead or with a specified connector to enable quick installation and or maintenance within the tank to be carried out. ______________________________________________

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August 2005
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