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"No Flow" Protection. In circulating cooling water systems for machine controls or chilled fluid in beverages it is crucial that warning of "low flow " or "no flow", will safely shut down the system to limit or prevent any damage. The Gentech flow switch can protect a pump from "no load" damage, when no liquid is available. Also it will successfully interface within a "burner system" for a central heating boiler, ensuring the ignition circuit will only energize when water is flowing. Gentech FCS flow switches are individually set to operate at a flow rate matching the application. The flow rates within the FCS series, available as standard: range from 0.6 to 4 litres per minute. At the flow switch point a single pole single throw normally open (normally open when no flow) reed switch contact will operate, alternatively some models can have a single pole double throw switch fitted. The FCS flow switch series will fit either vertically or horizontally in the pipe work and connected via 3/8" BSP or 3/8" NPT pipe threads. It is also suitable for applications in potable water, carbonated drinks and deionised water as well as a number of other chemicals, with body materials of Noryl and Polyphenylene. The FCS series compliments a comprehensive flow switch family of products within the Gentech range. The FS series has parts that are suitable for larger pipe sizes: ¾"BSP, 15mm and 22mm, and in Noryl, Copper and Brass body materials. ______________________________________________

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October 2005
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