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Surface mounted Proximity Sensor. This Proximity Sensor is a reed-based sensor activated by the presence of a magnetic field and designed for SMD mounting. These moulded sensors are ideal for use in laptop covers, security system sensors, electric gas metering, fluid flow sensors and level sensors. The reed switch at the heart of the CT10 Series is a single-pole, single-throw (SPST) type having normally open contacts and containing two reeds which can be magnetically actuated by an electromagnet, permanent magnet or combination of both. The switch features low and extremely stable contact resistance (115 milliohms) as well as long operational life - even at power ratings as high as 10Watts. The long life is attributed to an exceptionally rugged ruthenium contact layer that ensures lifetimes up to 1 billion operations The CT10 and the CT05 Moulded SMD Reed Switch miniature sensors, are moulded in thermoset plastic to provide greater protection, have proven to be ideal choices for automated pick-and-place applications. The CT05 is the smallest moulded switch with a body length of only 0.252" (6.4mm). Based on a 5mm switch design, it is available in Gull or "J" lead configurations and is the smallest moulded reed switch sensor available in the industry today. The CT05 is rated at 5 Watt and offers the same rugged design features of the CT10, but at a smaller size. The popular CT10 model has now been made available with a G4 lead configuration, which features a wider flat lead to provide stability during component placement and improved solderability for surface mounted applications. ______________________________________________ For more information, click here :- Gentech International Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1465 713581 November 2005
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