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Bottle Vertical Sensor (BVS)

Gentech has recently developed a Bottle Vertical Sensor with suction tubes under its NPD programme. This bottle sensor minimises waste and enables all the liquid to be used unlike other alternatives.

The Bottle Vertical Sensor (BVS) range fits into bottles with neck opening of >23mm diameter and provides low-level indication with a suction tube for liquid take-off. The BVS range has its application in Industries were the Liquid output has to be monitored from a bottle so that the bottle could be replaced once empty.

Applications include Industrial scale ink application, Industrial process equipment, Water processing Industry, Lab processing equipments. Gentech has developed four variants of the product with different part numbers ranging from EVS-01 to 04 for standard applications.

The BVS-01 extends 216mm into bottle, and could be customised to various lengths. The Sensor could also be provided with customised cap or fitted into existing bottle cap.

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June 2008

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