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ntech PSS Vane Sensors provide Interlocking solution for JCB.

Gentech Sensors has been selected to provide Interlocking solution for JCB Backhoe Machine.

The Gentech Sensors, "PSS vane sensor" range offers ready-made solutions to switching and interlock applications in construction equipment, vehicle and industrial applications.
S range sensors are extensively used as handbrake lever switches; stabiliser leg indicators/interlocks switches and swivel seat interlock switches in backhoe and other construction applications.

The PSS vane sensor offers the key advantage of combining the actuating magnet and switch in one single housing, hence eliminating the need for the design engineers to select and match the actuating magnet and the switch assembly.

A simple "ferrous metal shunt", brought into position between the magnet and switch on the sensor housing, is all that is required to change switch status. A suitably shaped chassis member, or linkage to perform the necessary switching function can conveniently supply this "magnetic shunt".

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August 2008

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