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Recent distributor conference at the Gentech International headquarters, proved to be a great success.

The Gentech International Distributors Conference held on the 16th and 17th March was attended by distributors from all over the world including: France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Singapore, UK, Belgium, Holland and Finland.

Following a gala dinner in the first evening, the day began with a tour of the Gentech headquarters, giving delegates the opportunity to see the production line and development offices in action. Presentations included an overview of the company's status which is very positive after an excellent 2008. Delegates then received product training on the best use of sensors in various applications and technical tuition on the latest product developments.

During the conference delegates networked, discussing key issues between them and sharing their own knowledge, enhancing the distribution network as a whole.

The conference came to an end when delegates were presented with product sample packs, consisting of a display case showing an overview of the Gentech range, plus an Ailsa Craig granite curling stone gift.

The event was very well received by those who attended resulting in requests from distributors for a similar conference in 2010, plans for which are already being set in motion.

Gentech believes that developing its distribution network will play a key part in planned expansion into new markets.

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July 2009

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