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WindObserver range extended.

The Gill WindObserver range of two-axis ultrasonic anemometers has recently been extended, introducing a version with high-temperature heating elements, designed to remain ice-free in most freezing weather conditions.

With exceptionally high heating power and the ability to measure wind speeds up to 75m/s (168mph) the instrument is ideal for use in extreme conditions where performance and reliability are paramount. The sensor housing is stainless steel, with a new water-repellent coating to enhance rain and ice removal.

Other sensors in the range include the WindObserver II wind sensor, which is a stainless-steel construction, IP66 enclosure, capable of measuring wind speeds up to 65m/s. This sensor is particularly suited to airport, offshore, marine and naval applications
The High Speed WindObserver offers the same first class performance features of the WindObserver II, enhanced to measure wind speed and direction at speeds of up to 75m/s. This version is particularly desirable in applications involving tornados and tropical storms and includes a de-icing system as standard to extend the operational temperature range.
Completing the range is the Intrinsically Safe WindObserver, which complies with the ATEX directive and is specifically designed for use on offshore oil platforms and petrochemical plants.

February 2009

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