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Cutting edge Liquid Level and Position sensor technology on show at AUVSI 2010

Gill Sensors, a world leader in capacitive liquid level measurement and inductive position sensor technology will be exhibiting at the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International show on 24-27 August in Denver, Colorado. Products on display will include the R-series and M-series range of liquid level sensors plus Gill's extensive range of Inductive position sensors.

Gill Sensors engineers have used their extensive experience within top level motorsport applications such as Formula 1 to develop sensors for the Unmanned Vehicle industry, as the environment in which the equipment operates is largely very similar, with extremes of temperature, vibration and operating conditions requiring robust, high performance components that can be relied upon throughout their life

The transfer of this technology into military applications is now increasing performance and reliability of land-based vehicles and UAVs, and offering military engineers greater scope for tactical decisions based on reliable sensor data. For example, a typical capacitive fuel level sensor used in F1 is accurate to 0.5% of the fuel depth, allowing race engineers to accurately adjust their strategy throughout the race. When integrated into a UAV application, a similar capacitive fuel level sensor offering the same accuracy will provide flight engineers with reliable data from which they can make informed decisions about the length of flight time, helping to optimise the use of the fuel and the ultimate efficiency of the mission. Due to the sensitivity of UAVs to the weight of additional components, advanced materials such as carbon-fibre and titanium have been integrated into sensor constructions to ensure the impact of the additional weight of the fuel level sensor is minimal.
Gill Sensors is a world leader in capacitive liquid level measurement and Inductive Position Sensor technology. If you would like to arrange an appointment to speak with Gill technical sales engineers at the AUVSI show or would like to learn more about any of the products in the Gill Sensors range, visit their website at


May 2010

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