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Gill Research & Development launch new intuitive website

As part of an on-going brand refresh project, Gill Research & Development Limited has launched a revived website, designed to reflect the ambitions of the leading engineering company’s brand vision.

The new website,, has undergone a large development project to focus the site towards providing a superior user journey and quality content. The site has undergone a major transition from its previous style and now boasts a highly stylised and contemporary design. Technology has also played a key part in the development to ensure the design is representative of the innovative solution the company has become known for.

Incorporating HTML 5, JavaScript and a new content management system, is focused on Gill’s key services, specialisms and industries to channel users to the required areas in fewer clicks. Each section of the site has been developed to give customers complete confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the company, and to provide quality content suited the needs of the customer. The site also includes ‘hub’ style navigation for easy use and is fully responsive with mobiles, tablets and other devices.

The team behind the site has undertaken extensive research into usability functions, visual elements and interactive features to create an innovative user experience.

Re-branding of the Gill site has been a fundamental process to the development of its brand identify and its independence from the other companies within the Gill Group.


July 2014

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