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Gould Ultima 500

Gould Ultima 500
- power of a DSO and flexibility of a PC in one compact unit

The Gould Ultima 500. Combining the acquisition power of a high
performance 4-channel DSO with the flexibility and features of a PC,
Ultima 500's unique capability simplifies data handling by moving
effortlessly from capture to report in one compact unit. Users will also
find Ultima 500's portability especially useful for those applications
where, up until now, a separate digital storage oscilloscope and a
PC have typically been required. 

An unique dual mode interface combines the look and feel of both
a DSO and PC in a single integrated operating system. All controls
are equally accessible using traditional front panel controls and through
mouse and keyboard. No need for users to learn different operating
methods. Ease of use is further simplified using Ultima's on-board
menu editor which enables simple user customization of the user
interface, limiting menu selections to the minimum required for any
given application.

The Ultima series provides an unparalleled range of real-time analysis
capabilities including FFT, Differentiation, Integration, Graphing,
Histogram, Phase correction and Math functions. User defined real-time
measurements can be developed using the on-board formula editor.

The wide range of configurable measurements will track sections of
waveforms and measure them in real-time. Ease of operation is
enhanced by dual level page selection enabling easy access to basic
DSO functions in one page and providing setup and control of the more
powerful analysis capabilities in the other page, assisted by preview

Up to 8 display windows can be viewed simultaneously enabling main
and zoom traces or user defined math traces to be viewed independently
and scaled to user defined units. Ultima supports a sophisticated range
of display capabilities including YT, XY, persistence, envelope and our
patented TruTrace™ capability which enables important signal
aberrations to be identified and examined in detail. 

Offering 500 MHz bandwidth and up to 2 GS/sec sample rate with
1 Mbyte memory per channel, Ultima 500 is fully supported with an
extensive package of trigger tools to qualify the incoming signal for
amplitude, time, pulse, gating and TV. A wide dynamic range in
transient mode, with 12-bit resolution up to 2 MS/sec, is also included. 

Featuring a Pentium class computer, and large 10.4 inch SVGA
(800 x 640) color display, Ultima 500 easily transforms into a fully
configurable Windows PC. Direct data interchange is quickly made to
Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel), as well as to other popular
analysis and report generation packages. Ultima 500 includes a large
and flexible data store with an internal 8.4 Gbyte hard disk and removable
1.44 or  120 Mbyte floppy alternatives.

The addition of internal PCI cards allows Modem data transfer, GPIB
control, GPS/IRIG timing or additional storage devices. Familiar
Windows operation offers real user benefits by providing the power
of connectivity with high speed Ethernet for networking, USB ports
for mouse and keyboard, IrDA wireless connections to printers and
other devices, standard serial and parallel ports and video monitor output. 

All this flexibility plus the Ultima 500's Programmers library and
DataSentryTM for system customization and automatic archival, fax
or emailing makes the Ultima 500 the ultimate Measurement Workstation.

For more information, please contact :-
Gould Nicolet Technologies
Tel: +44(0) 20 8501 6604 
Email: helpline@gould-nicolet.co.uk
Web Site: www.gould-nicolet.co.uk

April 2001
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