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Networking Instrumentation from Gould Nicolet Technologies.

The communication age is now making its impact on
Test and Measurement instrumentation. Gould-Nicolet
has launched a range of powerful networking instruments
which enable remote control and monitoring from another PC.

The instruments in the range all have build in Ethernet connectivity, which
enables simple integration within an existing Ethernet environment, and
allowing two way communication with a PC to be quickly established on
a company intranet. In addition, because Ethernet is built on a TCP/IP
backbone, the instruments can also be controlled and monitored from
a client PC over the internet, removing the problem of distance from
remote communications.

The four new instruments are UltimaNET (a high speed digital storage
oscilloscope), DAstarNET (a multi-channel Data Acquisition system),
VisionNET (a high speed data acquisition instrument) and CompassNET
(a dynamic analyser). The range offers acquisition performance of up to
2 GS/s, 24-bit resolution and up to 96 channels. Other features include
long term recording direct to disk and real-time display of the frequency
domain. But the key feature of all the instruments in the range is their
ability to be easily networked to other instruments and to remote PCs
for control and monitoring.

Each instrument incorporates high performance computer technology
and, utilising the Windows operating system, the instruments are
controlled via a simple network link. Instruments can be placed at a
remote site, acquiring data and carrying out tests while data is viewed
live on a host PC in the controlled office environment. Distance is no
longer a problem - with the instrument in one location, while the client
PC could be anywhere else in the world.

UltimaNET is based on a high-speed 4 channel DSO with 500 MHz
bandwidth, 2 GS/second sample rate and up to 1 Megasample memory
per channel. With no built-in display or front panel controls, it runs on
its own internal PC. By simply connecting a monitor and mouse/keyboard,
the unit provides a fully functioning desktop PC and high performance
data acquisition instrument all in one. This high level of integration provides
a seamless link to data capture analysis and report generation with no
need for complex data interchange between the acquisition instrument
and a PC.

DAstarNET caters for up to 96 channel inputs of data acquisition. This
rugged instrument incorporates a PC and a large hard disk for continuous
data capture. The DAstarNET is controlled via the network and set up
to acquire data, while the monitoring of that data is achieved on a host
computer over the network using DataViewer software. Progress of the
acquisition can be checked on the remote PC at any time by retrieving
recorded data via the network connection, without interruption of the main
data capture.

VisionNET records on 8 channels at 100 KS/s simultaneously and
continuously over several hours. Again data can be viewed remotely
enabling instruments to be put into harsh environments without danger
to the operator. Not only can instruments be controlled and send data
over long distances, but several instruments can be connected using
the network. 

CompassNET is an 8 channel Dynamic Signal Analyser that provides
live high-resolution digital frequency analysis using 24-bit analogue inputs.
Applications include noise, vibration, modal and acoustic analysis,
servo systems and more. Again network connection provides remote
control and monitoring.

All the instruments are supported with software providing high
performance analysis, complementing the high quality acquisition

"Networking is the future for instrumentation," comments Richard Parish
of Gould Nicolet Technologies. "It removes the expense of hardware
and software support of GPIB systems, whilst at the same time providing
full control and high-speed data display to and from a remote PC."

For more information, please contact :-
Gould Nicolet Technologies
Tel: +44(0) 20 8501 6604 
Email: helpline@gould-nicolet.co.uk
Web Site: www.gould-nicolet.co.uk

July 2001
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