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Compact and rugged Data Acquisition System. Gould Nicolet Technologies a leader in data acquisition, introduces the Compact Data Acquisition (C-DAQ) System. C-DAQ provides synchronised CAN bus data frames, up to 96 channels of traditional analogue inputs coupled with GPS position and time in a ruggedised, low power and portable system. The CAN bus is used to add an unlimited number of 16 channel external distributed thermocouple modules to acquire hundreds of temperature inputs in addition to the analogue inputs and GPS data. C-DAQ uses the Compact Flash medium for removable mass storage, providing hundreds of Megabytes storage in a 36 x 43 x 5 mm. form factor. Compact Flash technology is used in digital cameras and hence is readily available and inexpensive. Data stored on the Compact Flash cards can be transferred to a notebook computer quickly with the PCMCIA adapter. On board processors provide real-time data reduction including FFT, Rainflow, time at a level, level crossing and triggered burst recordings maximising the Compact Flash memory. The C-DAQ online data reduction, low power consumption and convection cooling are ideal specifications for unattended testing with long time duration. C-DAQ features programmable signal conditioners for strain, temperature, pressure, voltage ICP accelerometers and digital signal conditioning modules which can be mixed and matched depending on the specific testing requirements. The rugged construction performance up to 100 g coupled with wireless communications returning the data makes it ideal for mobile or remote and unfriendly environments. Gould Nicolet Technologies is a subsidiary of Thermo Instrument Systems, which develops, manufactures and markets precision imaging, inspection and test instrumentation using high-speed data acquisition and digital processing technologies. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Gould Nicolet Technologies Tel: +44(0) 20 8501 6604 Email: helpline@gould-nicolet.co.uk Web Site: www.gould-nicolet.co.uk November 2001
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