Gould Nicolet Technologies - PRODUCT NEWS
New range of Intelliprobes. Gould Nicolet Technologies announce a range of Intelliprobes for the Ultima and Accura families of Digital and Transient Storage oscilloscopes. The range includes differential voltage and current models. They all integrate fully with power and control making a complete intelligent measurement system from probe tip to analysis and reporting. Range, coupling and offset are fully controlled from the main instrument as well as the automatic zero offset calibration maintaining overall accuracy. The probes are all high impedance and remove circuit loading providing safe operation when making off-ground measurements. For high frequency analogue and logic design the 400 MHz model with up to ±40 volts of input signal offset provides high sensitivity for off-ground signals. The 100 MHz model caters for switching signals while rejecting common mode voltages up to ±1400 Volts. The 25 MHz models maintain the 0.25% instrument accuracy. All models have high common mode voltage rejection. The current probe is a 100 A dc coupled model using Hall effect technology covering a frequency range up to 100 kHz. The new Intelliprobes support the Ultima and Accura ranges of instruments utilizing their full performance in speed and accuracy. The Ultima 500 provides four measurement channels with the capability of achieving sampling speeds of 2 GS/s to 1 Mbyte of memory. The Accura range also offers four channels with 0.25% accuracy and sampling speeds up to 100 MS/s to 4 Mbyte memory at 12 bit resolution and at lower frequencies the resolution is increased to 16 bits. Gould Nicolet Technologies is a subsidiary of Thermo Instrument Systems, which develops, manufactures and markets precision imaging, inspection and test instrumentation using high-speed data acquisition and digital processing technologies. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Gould Nicolet Technologies Tel: +44(0) 20 8501 6604 Email: helpline@gould-nicolet.co.uk Web Site: www.gould-nicolet.co.uk August 2002
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