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Rugged Data Acquisition package for harsh environments. Liberty is a new rugged data acquisition package designed for ease of installation. Traditional data recorders have been bulky, fragile, and difficult to install and power. Liberty provides high performance multi-channel data acquisition for time and frequency analysis as well as digital and vehicle bus systems, and with low power consumption the unit will run all day from its own internal batteries. Whilst the new Liberty data acquisition system utilises the most modern electronic technologies, it is rooted from decades of experience and invaluable customer input gained by Nicolet, Gould and Optim. Liberty is designed to meet the stringent requirements of in-vehicle applications, field proving grounds and other harsh environments meeting 100g shock, 5g at 500Hz vibration, dust, moisture and wide range temperature specifications. High channel density with over 90dB dynamic range ensures signal detail is not missed. And this all runs on low power giving over 12 hours of stand-alone battery operation. Any combination of analogue, digital and vehicle bus inputs are synchronously sampled at rates up to 100kS/s and stored to a 4Gbyte Compact Flash memory. Satellite modules allow the digitizers to be placed directly at the signal source to minimise lead lengths. This, coupled with customised connection panels including built-in checks to verify sensors and wiring, ensures ease of installation and confidence of obtaining quality recordings. Data integrity is also supported with full calibration information stored with each recording plus full-spectrum anti-alias filters in both the time and frequency domain. Liberty offers fast Ethernet data transfer. Wired or wireless or even fibre optic connectivity gives control and monitoring of the system from a remote PC, which can be over hundreds of metres away. Instant viewing and statistics of large data sets are backed up with a full range of network viewing to sophisticated analysis. Hot links are available to popular software packages with data also saved in any of 20 popular formats. The new Liberty gives you the freedom to do your job faster, with valued results. Gould Nicolet Technologies is a subsidiary of Thermo Instrument Systems, which develops, manufactures and markets precision imaging, inspection and test instrumentation using high-speed data acquisition and digital processing technologies. _____________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Gould Nicolet Technologies Tel: +44(0) 20 8501 6604 Email: helpline@gould-nicolet.co.uk Web Site: www.gould-nicolet.co.uk August 2003
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