HBM continues to lead strain gage
        development after 50 years.
Each year HBM produces about 5 million metal foil
strain gages for end customers, in addition to the vast
numbers required for the manufacture of the company's

Each of these metal foil strain gages represents the latest in
technology from a global leader that has remained at the forefront
of development since it started operations 50 years ago. 

By developing the method of etching metal foil strain gages,
HBM was able to substantially extend the different designs available
compared with the older wound-wire technique. This is because
all strain gage shapes that can be represented in one plane,
whether individual spiral shapes or complete networks, can be
easily made.

Millions of strain gages are needed every year for the manufacture
of transducers and for experimental analyses. By comparison the
global use of strain gages in 1941 was some 50,000 units in two
months and these were mainly used by the American aviation industry.
While HBM now makes metal foil strain gages exclusively, these
are a relatively recent development. HBM led the market with the
development of the first metal foil strain gages in 1960. But HBM
 continued to manufacture and sell wire strain gages until 1983.

HBM was founded in 1950 and started manufacturing and selling
its wire strain gages six years later. 

The wire strain gage was first developed around 1938, when
Edward E. Simmons in California and Arthur Claude Ruge in
Massachusetts, independently invented the strain gage. 

About HBM:
HBM (www.hbm.com) is a globally operating company specializing
in test and measurement. HBM provides complete measurement
solutions - from sensor to software - based on high quality products
as strain gages, load cells, tranducers, signal conditioning and data
acquisition electronics and software.
With development and manufacturing operations in Europe, America
and Asia, HBM provides measurement solutions to a wide variety of
companies in the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail transport,
medical equipment, packaging, appliance, automation, and scale
With a 50 year history of quality and precision products, the HBM name
has become synonymous with "Measurement with Confidence.

For further information please contact:

Mike Johnson
HBM UK, 1 Churchill Court,
58 Station Road, North Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7SA
Tel:  +44(0) 20 8515 6100
Fax: +44(0) 20 8515 6149
Email:  info@uk.hbm.com
Web: www.hbm.com

May 2006

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