FASTpress ensures high production quality.

HBM’s MP85ADP FASTpress fitting and press-monitoring module monitors process parameters and provides consistent traceability of production data.

Compared with hydraulic systems, FASTpress ensures high-precision control of force and position during the lifting process while the monitoring system provides optimized functions for quality assurance in electromechanical press systems.
Visulaization and control of motion sequences can be selected using HBM’s DT85-Panel or predefined user panels. The MP85A FASTpress’s internal memory card can save up to 32 complete test programs along with thousands of results, curves, statistical data, and will store additional parameter sets.

Inline process monitoring is easily implemented and high production quality ensured. The MP85ADP FASTpress offers stand-alone evaluation and documentation of force-displacement curves and provides a number of options for connecting to external devices.

Both CANopen and Ethernet connections are available for connecting to a PLC or PC while the Profibus interface provides access to all parameters as well as to process data and results.

Electromechanic fitting modules provide the compressive and tensile forces of up to 500 kN used in the press-fitting of bushes and bearings, punching, hot-stamping, forming or for function tests in automated production and manufacturing lines.

More information is available at www.hbm.com/production


About HBM:

HBM (www.hbm.com) is a globally operating company specializing in test and measurement. HBM provides complete measurement solutions - from sensor to software - based on high quality products as strain gages, load cells, tranducers, signal conditioning and data acquisition electronics and software.

With development and manufacturing operations in Europe, America and Asia, HBM provides measurement solutions to a wide variety of companies in the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail transport, medical equipment, packaging, appliance, automation, and scale industries.

With a 50 year history of quality and precision products, the HBM name has become synonymous with "Measurement with Confidence.

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Tel: +44(0) 20 8515 6100
Fax: +44(0) 20 8515 6149
Web: www.hbm.com

February 2007

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