South African choice highlights HBM's nCode capability in nuclear test data analysis.

PBMR Project uses GlyphWorks and ICE-flow Automation

Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Ltd (PBMR) has selected HBM's nCode GlyphWorks and ICE-flow Automation software for the analysis and management of test data in the development of its nuclear High Temperature Reactor (HTR). Based in South Africa, the PBMR project is a closed-cycle, gas turbine power conversion system that aims to be the first commercial scale HTR in the power generation field.

GlyphWorks and ICE-flow Automation software are used across a variety of intensive test data applications, particularly in the vehicle and aerospace industry, such as proving grounds, test rigs and flight tests. This is the first application of the software in the nuclear industry.

Engineers at PBMR worked with ESTEQ Engineering, HBM's reseller of nCode products in South Africa, to evaluate software for the analysis of extremely large volumes of test data, often involving files of many gigabytes of complex multi-channel data. Effective and speedy analysis of test data is critical for the entire reactor development team, as is the ability to rapidly find data and associated information. The HBM solution includes nCode GlyphWorks for test data analysis and ICE-flow Automation for web-based processing, data management and reporting.

The HBM solution will be used to pre-process and report on test data, making the raw data and summary information available via a web interface to engineers on the project. More detailed analysis can then take place using GlyphWorks. Analysis processes can be automated by uploading nCode GlyphWorks analysis flows to the on-line ICE-flow Automation system, helping save time and maintain quality standards.

Johan Momberg, PBMR - Helium Test Facility says, "The nCode software is a good match to our requirements, especially as it is designed for large test data applications, and will help ensure we extract maximum value from all the tests we run. We will now work with the engineers from ESTEQ Engineering, and plan to roll out the software in the near future."

The ICE-flow Automation product manager Kevin Knill said "ICE-flow Automation and GlyphWorks are ideal for the analysis and management of all large test data sets, and the HBM nCode product line is well known for this in the automotive and aerospace sector. We are delighted that the product technology is now being used in this type of industry which places the highest demands - and HBM and ESTEQ Engineering will work closely with PBMR to ensure success."

About Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Ltd
Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Limited (PBMR) was established in 1999 with the intention to develop and market small-scale, high-temperature reactors both locally and internationally. The 700-member PBMR project team is based in Centurion near Pretoria, South Africa.
The PBMR is a High Temperature Reactor (HTR) with a closed-cycle gas turbine power conversion system. Although it is not the only HTR currently being developed in the world, the South African project is on schedule to be the first commercial scale HTR in the power generation field. Very high efficiency and attractive economics are possible without compromising the high levels of passive safety expected of advanced nuclear designs.
Developing out of a desire for energy sustainability, the PBMR technology defines 21st century thinking. Its ability to economically generate electricity and create high value co-products such as hydrogen for the fuel of the future, desalinated water and industrial or residential process heat, not only sets it apart from all previous nuclear reactors, but also from the next generation of energy sources.

About ESTEQ Engineering
ESTEQ Engineering, previously known as MSC-Africa, is the leading South African engineering solution provider in the Simulation and Testing industry for the past 15 years. ESTEQ Engineering focuses on Virtual Product Development (VPD) and Test & Measurement (T&M) solutions for engineering companies, research institutions and universities. ESTEQ Engineering also provides training and support on all their products. ESTEQ Engineering is the sole distributor of HBM's nCode products in Southern Africa.
To find out more about ESTEQ Engineering, visit their website: http://engineering.esteq.com, or contact Elton Murison at 012 809 9500 or e.murison@esteq.com.

For more details contact:
Clive Mott
Marketing Director
HBM Durability Products
M 0796 601 5436
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About HBM:
HBM (www.hbm.com) is a globally operating company specializing in test and measurement. HBM provides complete measurement solutions - from sensor to software - based on high quality products as strain gages, load cells, tranducers, signal conditioning and data acquisition electronics and software.

With development and manufacturing operations in Europe, America and Asia, HBM provides measurement solutions to a wide variety of companies in the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail transport, medical equipment, packaging, appliance, automation, and scale industries.

With a 50 year history of quality and precision products, the HBM name has become synonymous with "Measurement with Confidence.

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September 2008

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