Platform load cell with overload stop affords high degree of protection for sensitive applications

HBM has launched its PW25 platform load cell that can be hermetically encapsulated to meet both IP68 and IP69K degrees of protection for applications in the food industry or pharmaceutical sector.

Applications in these areas have demanding hygienic constraints and equipment may need to be cleaned daily with special cleaning agents and water or steam. The PW25 addresses the specific challenges to electrical components that the use of such agents poses.

The completely cylindrical design of the PW25 means that it can be cleaned very easily while the housing is made completely from stainless steel so that the load cell is resistant to all cleaning and disinfection agents currently used in the food industry.

The platform load cell also features an integrated overload stop to prevent damage if loads are too heavy. The overload stop is integrated into the hermetic encapsulation making it impossible to contaminate the overload gap.

The PW25 is suitable for all applications where hygiene is a particular issue, such as in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical or food industry sectors. Specific uses include, for example, in filling and packaging machines, in multihead combination weighers (MHC) or in static scales.

The new platform load cell will initially be available with a maximum capacity of 20 kg.


About HBM:
HBM (www.hbm.com) is a globally operating company specializing in test and measurement. HBM provides complete measurement solutions - from sensor to software - based on high quality products as strain gages, load cells, tranducers, signal conditioning and data acquisition electronics and software.

With development and manufacturing operations in Europe, America and Asia, HBM provides measurement solutions to a wide variety of companies in the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail transport, medical equipment, packaging, appliance, automation, and scale industries.

With a 50 year history of quality and precision products, the HBM name has become synonymous with "Measurement with Confidence.

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July 2010

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