The recently upgraded TIM-EC interface, developed to provide a flexible solution for transmitting torque and speed signals digitally via the EtherCAT fieldbus system is now available from HBM test and Measurement specialists.

Designed to significantly enhance performance and the field of applications in field bus automation and control systems, such as in test benches for electric motors, combustion engines, gears, pumps and compressors, the recently enhanced module also permits the use of simulation models for performing early tests in the test bench before a prototype is available.

Designed to achieve dynamic measurements, the advanced TIM-EC module provides accurate and fast data transmission with low delay times. In addition to providing angle of rotation and power output data, the most recent module also provides torque and rotational speed signal on the module's backplane bus. This offers extreme flexibility and modularity which is a real advantage, particularly for integration into higher level control and automation systems.

The recently developed TIM-EC module from HBM supports a sampling rate of up to 20,000 measured values per second on the bus and is characterized by a low group delay of approximately 100µs. Signals are transmitted digitally and without loss of accuracy and both the angle of rotation and the performance can also be captured.

The recently upgraded module also features an integrated coupler functionality or TIM-to-TIM communication that facilitates the integration of the torque transducer into independent industrial Ethernet networks, so that measured values can be independently adapted to the respective measurement task. This opens up a whole new range of new possibilities for high-precision control and analysis of measurement series, particularly for dynamic tests.

As demands on test benches and test and measurement equipment used for determining torque and rotational speed steadily increases, the recent development of the TIM-EC module underlines HBM's commitment to remain at the forefront of the development of highly accurate Ethernet-based interfaces for bench test construction.

For further information, contact HBM on +44 (0) 20 8515 6000 or via email: info@uk.hbm.co.uk or visit the HBM website at www.hbm.com

Founded in Germany in 1950, HBM is today the technology and market leader in the field of test and measurement. HBM's product range comprises solutions for the entire measurement chain, from virtual to physical testing. The company has production facilities in Germany, USA and China and is represented in over 80 countries worldwide.

For further information please contact:

Millbrook Proving Ground, Station Lane, Millbrook. Bedfordshire MK45 2RA UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 1525 304980
Web: www.hbm.com

February 2015

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