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High End Sensors International Conference - 10 - 11 April 2018, Brussels

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Airbus join as Keynote Speaker
Airbus have joined in as a Keynote speaker at the High End Sensors International Conference, which will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 10th & 11th April 2018. The inaugural High End Sensors International Conference will provide comprehensive coverage of the market opportunities for the entire spectrum of the High-end Sensor value chain.

Olivier Sornique is Pressure Pad MEMS Projects Leader for Flight Test Installation within the Airbus Commercial Aircraft business unit. His work in the Airbus Flight Tests Centre seeks new opportunities and product innovations focused on meeting and exceeding customer requirements; he is always looking to improve technical expertise in flight testing performance, safety and accuracy. Olivier focuses on MEMS technology dedicated to aerodynamic measurements that demand the highest levels of accuracy and performance. His work also involves the search for new and emerging MEMS technologies and manufacturing partners who share a zeal for uncompromising quality and service in highly competitive global markets.

Olivier’s presentation at HES International will be covering the following:

MEMS Sensor Solutions in Flight Test Applications
Even while accuracy, repeatability and reliability are important aspects of commercial aircraft flight tests, Airbus has increased performance by developing its Measurement Mapping process that heightens sensor density. This achievement produces large data sets for in-depth analysis and has added a dimension to flight testing not possible with legacy solutions. Airbus also leverages off-the-shelf MEMS devices for Measurement Mapping, easing installation and reducing lead-times. The presentation will focus on the technology being utilized as part of the Airbus flight test environment and the company’s philosophy to continually improve upon its processes and global service and innovate the future of commercial air travel.

2 days, 5 themes, Over 30 presentations

The presentations will be covering ten key topics which collectively provide complete coverage for High-End Sensors: Market Opportunities.

• Defence, Security, Aviation and Aerospace High-End Sensors
• Imaging and Optical Sensing Advances
• Maximizing Sensor Data Acquisition and Analysis
• Optimizing IoT and IIoT Sensor Networks and Security
• New Approaches for Power Control and Energy Harvesting
• Radar and LiDAR Innovations
• Advances in MEMS Sensor Development
• Metrology and Test for High-End Sensors
• Enhancing Sensor Performance: Embedded, SoC and Machine Learning
• Emerging Opportunities and Applications

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February 2018

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