Precision Material Testing Machine
 with new all-in-one software.
The AG-I material testing machine now available from RDP Howden uses the new all-in-one software, Trapezium, a user-friendly approach to machine control together with detailed data collection and analysis. Trapezium software's capabilities allows the testing machine to be used in a variety of tests including tension, compression, three-point bending, four-point bending, peel, tear, friction, tension cycle, compression cycle, three-point bending cycle, four-point bending cycle, cleave and relaxation. The software also gives a variety of data processing in the various control modes covering elastic modulus, upper and lower yield points, intermediate test force and displacement, break point, energy, to name but a few. It supports Windowsr 95/98/NT4.0 and with the built-in wizard and on-line help, allows easy and flexible settings to be achieved by the operator. In compliance with world regulations, the AG-I testing machine provides high precision of test force with a measuring accuracy of 0.5%, its rigid frame giving long-term stability. A wide range of test speeds from 0.0005 to 1000 mm/min (0.00002 to 40 in.min.) allows testing of many types of materials. The operator's unit has a large LCD display enabling one-touch panel control, with graphical presentation of test conditions, file operations and a real-time plot of testing parameters. ____________________________________________________ For more information please contact: RDP Howden Ltd. For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: How003 February 2001
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