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IT Environment Monitoring: Start measuring right now over E-mail, SMS, SNMP

"Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset" is a start-up set for monitoring up to five temperature and humidity values, with output sent by e-mail, by SMS to a GSM phone, as well as to a SNMP-enabled NMS.

HW group s.r.o, a Czech Republic based manufacturer of monitoring products, introduces a start-up set for monitoring temperatures and humidity in IT environments over a network as well as over GSM SMS.

With the set, responsible staff can receive timely warnings about temperature or humidity problems with servers or other IT equipment. Rising temperature near a server leads, after certain time, to automatic server shutdown - causing significant expenses to restore the operation as well as reducing revenues due to equipment downtime. Such unforeseeable costs can be avoided with an early-warning system that functions independently of the Internet connectivity.

Corporate IT departments often experience temperature problems with important servers in 24x7 operation but lack a central monitoring system to watch over their IT infrastructure.
These customers will benefit the most from the start-up set. It is easily installed, connected to the network, and reliably alerts the IT manager to potential problems by e-mail as well as by independent text messages (SMS).

If the customer already uses a SNMP based IT infrastructure monitoring system (such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, SNMPc, and so on), data from the Poseidon 3265 unit can be easily read by the monitoring application.

April 2008

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