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PD Trigger: SNMP trap activates outputs, sends SMS.

PD Trigger is a Windows application that reacts to SNMP traps with alarm alerts. Alarm reactions are configured similarly to e-mail processing rules. Available actions include displaying a pop-up, launching applications, activating outputs, and sending text messages over a GSM modem.

HW group s.r.o, a Czech Republic based manufacturer of IT monitoring products (and more), presents its software solution that works with SNMP-based Poseidon and Damocles products.

With PD Trigger, users can avoid the deployment of a complex SNMP NMS, if all they need are simple reactions to received alarms. A limited version supports up to 5 rules and is available free of charge at the HW group website. Commercial versions work with up to 100 rules.

PD Trigger saves costs in small and medium enterprises, which would find a NMS (Network Monitoring System) too expensive to maintain but still need to forward information - for example, send a SMS warning about overheating or power failure problem to an IT administrator's mobile phone, or light up a warning light at the security guard's desk.

April 2008

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