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PortStore4: CDR data easily through IP over FTP / E-mail

PortStore4 is a unit for collecting call accounting data from an analog or IP-based private branch exchange (PBX). Over the network, you can easily find out how long the phones ring at the branch, get a list of calls, or configure the PBX.

HW group s.r.o., a Czech Republic based manufacturer of data collection products, introduces a new version of its PortStore product. The new PortStore4 is designed for use with VoIP and analog private branch exchanges.

PortStore4 connects to a PBX, stores data in the built-in Flash memory, and ensures secure transfer of call accounting data to a designated server. The solution includes a Windows tool that stores the data to text files for future analysis in special software.

Thanks to CDR / SMDR data transfer over E-mail or FTP, the processing of call accounting data can be provided as a service. A PortStore4 unit installed at a customer's site sends the data for processing to the analysis provider's server. Outsourcing of data analysis is easier to install and can increase security - the operations center alerts the customer to unusual activities, such as frequent calls to problem countries.

October 2008

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