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“Tg11” is a GSM thermometer with alerting over SMS and e-mail.

Tg11 logs the temperature in its internal Flash memory (every 15 minutes) and e-mails stored data (every 4 hours) over GPRS.

HW group s.r.o., a Czech Republic based manufacturer, introduces a new product to the market, the HWg-Tg11. This GSM thermometer with temperature logging into its internal flash is intended for temperature monitoring in remote locations. A unique feature of the product is the transmission of alert messages as well as of measured data by e-mail over GPRS.

Tg11 is intended, for instance, for small plants or warehouses. Over time, the product stores temperatures in a central system; in addition, it sends a SMS or dials a call to the responsible manager if the temperature exceeds a defined range.

HWg supplies a complete solution; the Tg11 GSM thermometer as well as the central system. The user may choose between a Windows data collection application (CapTemp software) or a web-based service (SensDesk portal).

HWg-Tg11 is designed for applications in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, surveillance, or transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

November 2008

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