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NEW Habiatherm thermocouples and extension wires

Habia Cable, the global industrial cable manufacturer specialist, has launched a new, innovative product range in response to increased demands for greater flexibility, performance and safety in measurement and temperature sensing applications.

One of two new ranges aimed at meeting the highest standards of advanced measurement and temperature sensing technology, the new Habiatherm range focuses on flexibility, high performance and safety, both as integrated components of measurement and temperature sensing devices as well as for connecting such devices to end-user systems. Among the biggest advantages of the new cables is that they are smaller in size and lighter in weight, which makes them easy to install, and that they can be adapted to customer specifications within a broad spectrum of applications and industrial environments.

The Habiatherm family
Habiatherm cables have existed for some time, the technology has recently been significantly upgraded to meet a wider range of temperature sensing specifications. These cables are designed for a multitude of applications such as air-flow systems or liquids such as slurry mixes or molten steel. To do this, Habiatherm cables employ the well-proven thermocouple technique whereby two different metals in the same cable allow temperature changes to be measured as a change in voltage. The Habiatherm family also incorporates a wide variety of extension and compensation cables.

Martin Sears, VP Industrial BU Habia Cable Group, says: “Measurement and sensing technologies are changing fast in order to meet stricter EU demands for accuracy and safety in industrial processes. This means that our customers, which include many small-to-medium sized suppliers producing measurement and sensing equipment, need to keep pace with these developments to remain competitive.

“This is where Habiatherm cables score highly because not only do they represent the latest technology and meet the most stringent international standards, they also come with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. This enables us to also provide our customers with unique, custom designed cable solutions.”

50 years of experience
Habia Cable has more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance cables. But unlike most cable manufacturers, the company provides bespoke solutions to cabling in addition to “off-the-shelf” products, something which Martin Sears sees as a fast growing trend.

“As industrial processes become more and more specialised, so do the technical demands on sub-suppliers,” continues Martin. “They have to feel confident that the cables they use in their systems are resistant to a growing number of different risks such as sparks, fire, explosions, water, electronic signals, chemicals, contamination and so on, and at the same time be small, flexible, lightweight and provide high performance. Our products are designed in such a way that we are one of the few manufacturers in Europe that can meet all of the demands.”

Martin cites high-risk petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and engineering as examples of industrial environments which would benefit by the security of using measurement and temperature sensing systems incorporating Habia Cables.

The new Habiatherm thermocouple cables and extension wires are produced at the company’s manufacturing plant in Söderfors and comply with all European standards.

About Habia Cables
Habia Cable was established in 1941 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland, Sweden and China and network sales throughout Europe and the Far East. The company holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation and is a member of the Beijer Alma industrial group. Habia Cable uses a wide range of components to design and manufacture specialist, multicore and hybrid cables for industrial, defence, nuclear and communications applications.

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April 2013

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