Hansford Sensors Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Brand new sensor company is launched.

A brand new sensor company has been launched this week by the well known entrepreneur, Chris Hansford, who for the last twenty years was the leading light at Monitran Ltd.

Chris has formed the new venture, 'Hansford Sensors' and will make use of his many years of experience in the monitoring of industrial and process machinery, to design and manufacture an up-to-date range of cost-effective vibration sensors.

Hansford Sensors will be offering models built to suit known applications across industry, constructed with the same attention to quality, performance and value. Chris is particularly keen that the new sensors will maintain the product excellence customers have become used too.

A standard range of vibration sensors are now being produced but Hansford Sensors will also offer a custom-built service where a purpose-built sensor will be designed to suit a specific application. Again another service for which Chris Hansford has made his name over the last twenty years.


November 2006

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